Linux on OpenSolaris?

Just wondering if anyone has tried it…

I’m debating doing a vmware install of OS this week and trying out some of my code, and the 3rd party libraries I use to see how things fall. If anyone else has trod that path with JUCE, I’d be interested to hear their experiences.

it’s supposed to be source code compatible with linux innit?

that’s as maybe, but since even linii aren’t always entirely source compatible with each other – if nothing else, system paths are largely arbitrary – I don’t trust it until I see it. :frowning:

As it happens, I got sidetracked trying to get vtk working with JUCE instead. I’m doing some volume rendering stuff and I’m trying to decide whether the advantages of vtk over raw opengl are worth the time cost in learning the library and verifying that it works with all my other libraries and across 3 different OSs. :frowning:

I’m beginning to wonder why I chose this career path, rather than dedicating my life to the cultivation of radishes. :?

me too