List of GUI components

I wonder is there a list of all available GUI components?

So far I had to check the API documentation but due to the hierarchy it is a bit of a pain to really find all components that you can actually place.

I noticed that some components are missing from Introjucer like the progressbar.




I guess the list of subclasses on this page is pretty exhaustive:

And yes, there's a lot missing from the introjucer's GUI designer. As mentioned elsewhere, that editor is pretty much there for legacy users who need to use it for their existing projects.. The masterplan is of course to eventually replace it with something better like the Projucer!

Thanks for the information.

Is there an official roadmap for the Projucer?

Can't share a roadmap at the moment, I'm afraid!

to have a good root through the "Inherited by" list of the base Component class.  Rightly or wrongly...

Have you lost the envelope with it scrawled on? :)