Can't resize components in latest Projucer

Just upgraded to latest JUCE (7.0.6) and I can no longer resize components in Projucer. Same behavior on Mac and Win.

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According to some posts the projucer gui is deprecated?

On a related note, I have seen a couple different WYSIWYG editors for Juce, do they have particular strengths and weaknesses?




Just from reading those blurbs I would guess: PluginGuiMagic for audio and filter visualizations, JIVE for apps with a modern web feel, and Melatonin if you are a stickler for writing code (it only inspects, not saves, layouts).

I have no experience with any, I will probably try out Melatonin first.

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Just updating to the quoted PluginGuiMagic link:
Since a month the requirement of a commercial license is gone, it is BSD v2 licensed, so it is free to be used in commercial and non commercial, open and closed sources.

I am happy to answer questions


That may be, but they shouldn’t be introducing major new usage-preventing bugs.

Unfortunately for Projucer GUI editor users, JUCE is a fluid framework, sometimes there are breaking changes, and since the GUI editor is deprecated I imagine no-one from JUCE team is going to bother to check if any changes to the framework are affecting this somewhat niche part.
What they should do is just pull the trigger and move on from “deprecated” to “obsoleted”, but I suspect there are more interesting/useful things for the team to work on.

Your post made me think — the community is so small, yet we have people making some great tooling. Maybe instead of playing with own our toys in our corners, we should be talking to each other more, combining powers to make THE drop-in declarative component editor.

I feel you. Although I usually translate “deprecated” to “use at your own risk, it’ll eventually break and go away.” Well, unless it’s “deprecated” opengl on mac :smile:

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Hear hear!

Same there, it is there, use at your own risk and it might go away.
It is already like “it will likely work, but is no longer the fastest possible. Mac hardware will not focus on running OpenGL best possible or at all”