Projucer GUI Editor

I have used the Projucer GUI Editor for a while and still find it useful.

Unfortunately there is a bug in Juce > 7.0.5 that prevents from resizing a component easily in the GUI Editor. Using the bottom-right resizer of a component does not work, nor entering the size directly in the left-side inspector. I am not sure if the bug started in 7.0.6 or 7.0.7.

Could you please have a look, even though the GUI Editor does not seem to be maintained ?


We plan on removing the GUI editor part of the Projucer in JUCE 8, and I’m afraid we will not be investing any of the team’s time addressing any issues before then.

Thanks for the fast reply.
I found the Projucer GUI Editor very useful, but I agree it may not be ideal to design resizable GUIs…
I’ll have a look at the new proposed techniques.

I’m not particularly fond of the GUI editor, but since there are some users still using it, what do you think about releasing it in the Public Domain (or equally permissive license) once it has been removed from JUCE?
That way it can be kept alive by a community effort, if there is enough interest in it.

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