PROJUCER GUI Layout Editor is still promoted on JUCE webpage. Is it still deprecated?

Last year Jules wrote: “the Projucer GUI editor is kept around for legacy reasons and we’re not planning on adding any new features to it.”

However… from current JUCE website blurb:

User Interface & Graphics
Add and manipulate components with the GUI Editor

It seems a little strange that the GUI editor is still mentioned as a key selling feature now we’re at version 5.3 - yet we are apparently supposed to use other methods - source-code-only based such as using flexBox calls etc…

Jules also wrote this in regard to some better future solution/replacement for the old way of doing things layout wise:

Coincidentally, I’d been exploring similar ideas this week, as we’ve been discussing future GUI directions that we could take, and I’d been looking at how React Native works with an eye to pinching some tricks from it.
In general, I think you’re right that a dynamic layout defined as a document rather than a program is the thing that we’re currently lacking, and it’s the reason why people are jumping on these newer paradigms like React.

What is the current state of thinking/policy regarding how to begin new projects in JUCE ?

Is something akin to a “WebFlow-style” editor being mooted/worked on ?


Dan Stenning

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Yeah, the website probably shouldn’t over-emphasise it, although judging by the forum here, a lot of people do still use the GUI editor!

We’ve had a few ideas here of directions we could go in, but TBH haven’t had resources to do much on the GUI side of things lately, so no news to tell you about our plans there.

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Any change here now we’re into 2019?

I still use it for creating fast simple GUIs and find it very useful.

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