Live build engine problems

Hello all,

I am having trouble using the live-build engine. A couple details about my computing machine -->

Thinkpad X1 Carbon (1st Gen) 4GB Ram, Intel Core i7-3667U CPU 2.5 GHZ, Windows 10 Enterprise

When I click “download live-build engine” the process of downloading works, however, I am prompted upon completion that
"Loading the live-build engine failed"

I am using JUCE with the Education license.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is this on develop? I just fixed a problem where the live build engine would fail on the develop branch. Can you try pulling, rebuild the Projucer and then try again?

This was actually from the “get JUCE” download icon on the site. Do you need more information?

Hi all.

Thanks for your attention on this. I’ve been experiencing the same problem for quite a while (most of version 5 so far) and it’s still an issue here with the latest JUCE code on develop. I’ve tried deleting the CompileEngine-5.0.2/JUCE/JUCECompileEngine.dll too, but this makes no difference: the file is immediately recreated with the same result.

I’m using GPL mode on Windows 10 Pro x64.


I am running into this now and was wondering if this was ever fixed for anyone who was experiencing the issue?

I am using a Pro license and am getting “Loading the live-build engine failed” even with the official 5.4.5 binary (Win10) from the website.

Have also tried building a debug version from source but there is no relevant debug output when live build engine load fail occurs.

Is there anything new on this issue? I get the same error on the last master build, on Windows 10 using VS2017 Community. There’s no detailed message so it’s frustrating not to know where the problem comes from. (And yes I know I can just use VS directly)