Loading AudioUnit Preset


I’m sure this is an easy question to answer, but I can’t seem to find the answer in the docs. I want to load an AudioUnit preset into an AudioPluginInstance. I see the methods for loading VST presets with the VSTPluginFormat and VST3PluginFormat classes, but nothing obvious for AudioUnits. How do I do this?


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Bump! Still looking for an answer. I would be grateful for any help! :smiley:


Do you want to manage your own presets of your own AU plugin or open an AU plugin and access the presets of this plugin?

Hi, thanks for the response! Currently, I would like to be able to load an .aupreset file from disk. But I would also be interested in learning how to access the presets of the plugin as well. For reference, this isn’t a plugin that I’ve created, so not my own AU plugin.

Well, each plugin can have its own format, it seems to me, unless it’s an xml named with a different extension, what you’re talking about is reverse engineering to my knowledge. For that, I would start by opening it in a text editor to see if I recognize xml and if not a Hexadecimal editor with patience and a test preset or I would move the values one by one…
You can also access each automatable parameter as in the example named audiohostplugin.