Logic 9 on Mac OS 10.7 not passing AUVAL


latest logic 9 with Mac OS 10.7 is not passing AUVAL, compiled with base SDK 10.6 compatibility 10.5 , 32-bit UB , has anyone else had this issue with the latest tip? Thanks!

You say your UB is 32-bit, so are you sure you’re not running logic in 64-bit mode?


We struggled a lot on this last year.

You need to check:

  1. whether the AUVAL crashed? If so, check the report(that is the window it poped up), the report window contains the call stack and the error type (e.g. EXC_BAD_ACCESS).
  2. if AUVAL didn’t crash, it should have stated the error in its evaluation window. In most cases (we met) the prob is the set/get parameters, auval will check if you return exactly the value it sets into your plugin. So they must match, or your plugin will fail the test.

other conditions we met were: if your plugin supports 1 channel apart from stereo support, ie mono output, auval will do a 1 channel check. We once made an error that we still use the invalid pointer to the 2nd channel when auval was making 1 channel check, hence an EXC_BAD_ACCESS runtime error occured since the memory/pointer was invalid.