London Audio Developer Meetup: Machine Learning for musical instruments and SpaceCraft Granular Synth

Our fourth London Audio Developer Meetup will be held this Wednesday, 4th of July at Code Node, London.

We’ll hear from the Mike Zbyszyński on how he created a musical instrument using EMG (muscle activity) using machine learning. Michael Zbyszyński is an academic in the Department of Computing. He teaches perception & multimedia computing. He has been a software developer at Avid, SoundHound, Cycling ’74, and Keith McMillen Instruments. He has also taught live electroacoustic music, real-time interaction and socialist realism.

We will also hear from the forum’s very own @MarkWatt who will chat a bit about his ideas and design concepts behind his new app SpaceCraft Granular Synth.

Please don’t forget to register here.

As always, there will be free pizza.

The following meet up will be on 7th of August.



Hi @fabian video from june meetup (the delay/surround talk) is still “coming soon” on skills matter

Drooling to see it…will it be online someday?


Yes I saw this today as well. I’ll try to contact the venue.