London Audio Developer Meet-up: The Tracktion Engine and interacting neurons make noise

Our eleventh London Audio Developer Meet-up will be held on Tuesday, May the 7th at CodeNode, London.

The meetup will kick-off with @jules and @dave96 giving us a tour of the inner workings of the powerful audio engine behind Tracktion - which was recently open-sourced!!

This will be followed by a short demonstration by Mark Claydon on how interacting models of neurons can produce responsive rhythm and harmony, adapting current machine learning techniques to work with biologically inspired simulations in realtime.

:pizza: There will be pizza :pizza:

!! Please remember that CodeNode now requires you to register at the skills matter event page here.!!



Sounds great!! Will there be video for those of us across the pond? :slight_smile:

Sounds very interesting ! Curious to know what kind of framework (if any) is used for the machine learning part

semi-off-topic - do you by any chance capture (since tape/film sounded too retro :slight_smile: ) those meet-ups? for those of us who cannot attend?

Hi, the videos sometimes take a week or two for them to post, but you can find them here


Video is up already!

Speedy work Skills Matter!


Do you know if the interacting neurons part has been recorded as well ?

That part of the meetup didn’t happen - we only had the Tracktion Engine talk on the day

Thanks t0m

The “TONIGHT:” part in the title of this post is out of date, yet people see it in the top of the forum and might develop title-skepticism, so next time it’s “TONIGHT:” they would miss it…

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I actually saw this post pop up a second time and assumed something else was happening (until I noticed myself in the replies)

Good point, edited.

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