Looking for a beginners help with JUCE/gen~


first time asking, so ‘hello… I need a wee bit of help’, lol

now, I have asked & searched like nobodies business to get help regarding this. even spent 8hour last night trying to work things out. ive been a user of max for many-a-moon, but this is far beyond getting annoying to figure out

now. I started by using cycling74s gen~ export & even their build method, using CMAKE. but not only is this bust & doesnt seem to be working in the most basic sense, I am not getting word or help on the issue I posted. ive even asked friends for help with just this 1 issue. which you can view here:

ive even tried the cycling74 forum, with no answer. my friend were a bit puzzled in the build process in max8 was bust when they tried

so now im trying here, because even the cycling74 docs say to maybe ask a question here.
I am just wanting to get help in getting either a proper generator that cycling74 dont have in their own tech. or something to help make the transition from gen~ to JUCE that much easier. I have thought of a script, or even if a script could help with this issue, but even with that I wouldn’t know where to start from

now I have been playing & finally did get something piping thru to be affected by the DAW channel via being a AU, that was lovely, but the longwinded method was just that, & I feel there is a better way to make this easier in the long run.
ive even tried & finally gotten sliders to work as well. currently not with the AU, but still, I was happy about that after trying for hours

does anyone have any info or even a better build script to help in generating gen~ to JUCE

this has been a pain to so much, its been slowly putting me off even trying. but I like the thought of seeing what I make via gen~ plus being able to test the effect prior to putting it in a AU is a really lovely idea to me. its just the build process later is painful, to say the least

any info would be appreciated & welcomed.
also any info could help others that are having trouble with this issue & help the transition be that much more nicer

thanks & all the best