Looking for OpenGL programmer, upfront payment + 100% royalties compensation

Hello, please see details at our official website: https://soundemote.webflow.io/hiring

Try OpenGL forums and freelancing services like upwork. Good luck!!

OpenGL forums? I can’t find a relevant one. See here: https://community.khronos.org/t/looking-for-opengl-programmer-for-my-indie-game-project/69129

I share this sentiment: GameDev is not worth anyone’s time. Last time, I just got berated for creating a job post from the forum members there.

Will continue with freelancing websites. PS I already have a few promising applicants from other sources, so this project is definitely moving forward.

Remember that Apple is deprecating OpenGL, so on that platform it might all be for nothing. (Even the current OpenGL implementation on macOs is not that up to date, to begin with…)

Why not join the Khronos slack? There’s a #jobs channel. Best of luck!

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