Looking to license plugins for a commercial DAW

Hi All,

I’m working on a project where we’re building a DAW, and it is very nearly ready to come out; but we haven’t had the time/resources to devote to making a bunch of high-quality plugins (Mixing/Mastering, Effects, VST instruments, etc). We want to launch it with some out-of-the-box plugins for people to use, and I was wondering if anyone here (or anyone you know!) would be open to having their plugins licensed.



Hi Vgerard this sounds very interesting to me. Can you contact me by email. Kenny@patchwerk.com my team and I have been working on and completing various plugins so far and I will be launching a plug-in company.I’m a chief mastering engineer so I have been using the plugins that I have designed on multiple gold platinum and Grammy albums that I’ve mastered. I design GUI’s so they also look very professional as well.

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I have an almost finished, fully featured pitch correction (read: auto-tune) plugin. It supports live (that means zero latency) tuning as well as a graphical mode for full control over every single note.

Please message me if you’re interested:


This sounds awesome!