Lots of linker issues after change to 4.2.4

First notced on Raspberry Pi (Jessie/ Pixel OS - update), but seen on earlier pi Jessie too.

I had to add a couple of linker options -lX11 and -lfreetype
to get Projucer to build and run, but ONLY for the first time!
At first it wouldn’t build, then once I’d generated linux make files with the (fixed) version these options could be removed… Dunno why, but thought I’d document it in case others have have the same problem

This is when there is a Projucer/module mismatch. What probably happened is this:

  1. you updated JUCE from git and so the module definition files moved some of the library dependencies to the new pkg-config dependencies field
  2. You used the old Projucer to save your .jucer file which does not understand the new pkg-config stuff.
  3. You build the Projucer and get linker errors. After manually fixing them your new Projucer now does understand the pkg-config stuff
  4. If you now re-save your .jucer files with the new projucer then everything will work

Probably, but confused the hell out of me,… twice (I have more than 1 pi which got updated) - Good to know what the explanation is, though. Thanks