Mac OS 10.7 Lion - 32-bit Safari no longer supported

Hi Jules!

I raised an issue with Apple about Safari 32-bit not displaying our Juce-based browser plug-ins in Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) under Safari 5.1 …

As you know, the work-around in the past for displaying Juce-based plug-ins under Safari on Mac, was that users had to flag Safari to run in 32-bit mode.
However, this didn’t work when our users tested it on with the release candidate 10.7 Lion …

The answer we’ve got back from Apple is this: “Safari is not supported in 32-bit on Lion”.

Oh well!

So: we’re stuffed now until you can find time to resolve this!

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P.S. the previous thread on this area, is


It looks like on Lion, Safari 5.1 loads in 64 bit mode even when the browser is set to load in 32 bit.

Getting 64 bit support working would require some changes in mouse event handling since those cannot be directly accessed like in 32 bit browser.

Safari 5.1 doesn’t launch in 32 bit mode on Snow leopard(10.6.8) too.