MacOS Native FileChooser on Save does not show Title prompt

I cannot get a “save” prompt in a Native FileBrowser on MacOS.

Using JUCE 6.1.5, Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6.

Even in the DemoRunner DialogsDemo. Click on the “‘Save’ File Browser” button, you will see the title “Choose a file to save…” with non-native. Turn on the “Use Native Windows” checkbox and try it again.

This [FR] was supposedly added in July 2021, according to this thread:

However, it doesn’t work as far as I can tell.

Am I misunderstanding how to use this?

That’s strange, it seems to work here on macOS 10.15.7. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a 10.14 machine so I can’t test your setup easily.

Does adding a call to [panel setMessage: nsTitle] at line 87 of cause a title/message to display?

Unfortunately I’m not sure if this is a good solution, as I think this may cause the prompt to display both in the titlebar and just below it on some systems.

Are you using a custom version of the macOS SDK? Do you know what deployment target you’re using?

Thanks, ruek.

I just created an .app from the Dialogs Demo, and ran it on Big Sur. The title is indeed there.

Running it on Mojave, it is not.

No custom version of MacOS SDK.

My Deployment Target is set to 10.11, which is how it has been set I guess ever since I started working on JUCE projects on my Mojave machine with Xcode 10.3. Should I change this?


I tried rebuilding the DialogsDemo with Deployment Targets of 10.12, 10.13, and 10.14. No difference; the title is still not there on Mojave.

I added a call to [panel setMessage: nsTitle] at line 87 of as you suggested.

Now, on Mojave it looks like this:

However, on Big Sur, it looks like this (double message):

Thanks, it sounds like there might be something wrong specifically with macOS 10.14, preventing the title from displaying properly. To check this, I think we’d need to test this out on another machine running 10.14 to see whether the problem is with the OS, or a quirk of your particular system.

Unfortunately I don’t have a 10.14 machine available for testing, and this isn’t a particularly high-priority issue. Unless another user with a 10.14 machine is able to confirm the problem, this will have to wait until I find time and disk space to install a 10.14 partition.

Thanks. I can tell you this:

I just created a brand new 10.14.6 Virtual Machine in VMWare (which is a fresh install) and ran the tests (on the compiled .app).

It performs exactly the same as my main Mojave machine - no title. In case that helps.