macOS version recommendation

Which macOS are you using/do you recommend now?

I’m still using 10.14, and just quickly switch to catalina when I need to do a M1 build.
Last time I checked (quite a while ago), there was some notarization or signing issues IIRC, and I’ve just been postponing my full move to catalina.

has the dust finally settled?
Any feedback regarding full time working on catalina / bigsur?

thanks for your input

You would also need to use Big Sur to build for iOS 14.5 or higher, but if you don’t need to do that, Catalina is still enough AFAIK. Mojave is only needed if you need to build anything for 32-bit, but few people should need to do that nowadays. I’d say the dust settles for sure once any OS is only getting security updates, which is where Catalina is at right now. I’m still annoyed by the new sounds in Big Sur :wink:

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I hear you… just went through some updates on the Mac side here and I’m always careful as there always seems to be something that gets messed up (it’s probably just me being more used to Windows) :wink:

I actually just updated my Mac boot partition to macOS 11.6 (Big Sur) this weekend, and my Juce-based Xcode projects still build fine + all major hosts I use to test in seem to work fine too (including Pro Tools latest version, Live, Cubase, Logic). VST, AU and AAX is what I build for plugins (still no VST3 or AUv3 as of yet).

I did make a clone of my 11.4 (Big Sur) partition to an external SSD with CCCloner first (I keep a few macOS version around that way) just in case something breaking does pop up that can’t be fixed quickly.

Recently, I also switched (and adapted some code) to Juce 6.1.1 (master) now, but I still need to check a few of the items in “breaking changes” to make sure an older plugin still works fine. It uses some of the legacy flags, because it’s hard (impossible?) to get rid of that without breaking backwards compatibility… I surely hope raw parameter set/get support remains in Juce for a long while (unless there is a tested and proven way to supplant this stuff with the new Parameter classes (which are great) in a way that old presets and especially automation remains compatible).

Min. macOS deployment target is now 10.9 and I abandoned 32-bit macOS builds 3 years ago or so (not much of a choice really for the latest Xcode versions, but no one complained anyway).

Using full code signing (with hardened runtime and timestamps) for my apps and now also plugins + notarization on the installers (created with Packages).

No idea about iOS projects (yet), but I assume that should be fine, given some higher min. iOS deployment target I suppose.

I haven’t made my apps and plugins universal binaries yet, but that should happen soon too.

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