Xcode 13 experiences (on Big Sur / Intel and Monterey / M1)?

I finally bit the bullet and got myself a Mac Mini M1 machine, which came with Monterey and now has Xcode 13 installed (and apparently Xcode 12 is not officially supported on Monterey).
Since Xcode 13 is also supposed to run on Big Sur, I was thinking of also switching to Xcode 13 on my Intel-based MacBook Pro (still running Big Sur for now), so that I can build AND debug on both CPU platforms with the same Xcode version.
I’m currently on the latest JUCE master 6.1.3, and I already checked that Xcode 13 can target macOS 10.9 and iOS 9, which is all fine for me. The types of JUCE projects I’m building are plugin projects (AU, VST2 and AAX), standalone GUI apps, console apps, iOS apps and C++ libraries.

Is anyone experiencing trouble with Xcode 13 (on either platform) with JUCE master at the moment, or is it all working fine for you?

All working fine here (on my M1 MacBook Air). I’m building VST3, AAX, AU plugins as well a standalone GUI and console apps. Not doing anything using iOS though.

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I use Xcode 13 for AU and VST3 on Mac and AUv3 on iOS and hat no problems so far. I use it on an Intel Mac.

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a. Initially Xcode 13 had some clang oddities. not sure if they’ve been fixed by latest Xcode update. for my personal projects I use Xcode 13 and haven’t noticed oddities. if you’re an indie developer I think this is reasonable. for a bigger company it’s worth some qualification with QA to make sure everything behaves as expected.

b. You’ve bought a 2020 Mac Mini. this machine DOES support Big Sur so you can also dual boot and install Big Sur with Xcode 12 if needed.

c. From what I have heard, it’s possible to build using Xcode 12 by running xcodebuild after choosing it with xcode-select on Monterey.

Congrats on your new machine :slight_smile:

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