Makefile for Eclipse CDT

Hi guys, has anyone had the patience to write a makefile to compile juce in Eclipse’s CDT?

I’ve been attempting to build it with an unmanaged makefile but it seems to me that it hasn’t got the dependencies in the right order.


If you are using an unmanaged makefile, why not simply use the one that ships with Juce? It’s linux-specific though.

The simplest way would be to just create a managed library project, add all of the juce source tree to it, then set the linker options to link to X11, Xinerama, GL, asound, freetype2 and pthread, depending on what features you have enabled in juce_Config.h. Also add /usr/include/freetype2 to the compiler search directories, and define LINUX.

That should be all you need. Otherwise you can always go with juce_amalgamated :wink:

All this assuming you are on Linux. For Windows/Mac, it might be different.

I’m on XP with MinGW but if that’s a stumbling block I’ll try Cygwin or something.

I just noticed there is a dev-cpp makefile… maybe all I need is a bit of sed here and there.