Making a cross platform version from an existing app for windows


I'v developed a kinda comlex midi\audio application (exe) for windows by using "flowstone" (ex synthmaker) platform (lot of ruby modules inside), which is 32bit, and I would like to convert it to cross platform that fit the mac, IPAD and windows 64bit requirments. What I actually have to do? Does it should be rewriten from a scrach by a JUCE programmer or there is any way to convert it?


It'll need to be rewritten from scratch. You can adapt Flowstone ASM code for use on Intel platforms, but that'll be of little use for iPad.

Thanks for the answer, Andrew.

So what platform would be the best choice, taking in to account that my app contains built-in midi sequencers (greaphical piano rolls style sequencers writen with Ruby), and built-in samplers+synths? Would juce classes do the trick, or I better find a pure Delphy\C++ programmer?

What  are the avarage prices and time that needed for deveoping?   


I reckon Juce would be a great candidate for this task. I can’t comment on pricing but this is a bit of a niche and you’ll want someone with good experience or the time could blow out badly. Some of the other guys here have worked on samplers and others on sequencers so they may be able to give you some ballpark idea.

Thanks again. Can you please reccomend on someone or forward my mail to someone from the niche?



If you're looking for programmers, you may want to post on the "juce jobs" forum.

Ok, thanks.