Many non-English characters showed nothing in TextEditor


I'm nor sure whether it's a bug or I missed something. Chinese for example, such as:

'不', '同', '上', '下', '而', '名', ',' and so on, they can't be displayed in TextEditor, just showed nothing.

The use frequency of these characters is very high. To make matters worse, if one of them at the beginning of a line, all characters at the same line won't be displayed. It'll remain an empty line.

However, many of these characters can be displayed correctly in Label.

I don't know how to debug this and don't even know how to debug any JUCE-Android project on Linux, OSX or Windows... Sorry I can't provide any debug information.

Thanks for your reply in advance.



Even the English letter 'i' also can't be displayed when you input 'file', 'filter' etc.. The strangest thing is, the word can be displayed correctly only if the first letter isn't 'f'.

Tested in JUCE-Demo for Android, also the same. (Tabs & Widgets -- Misc)

Hi loopfine,

we are aware of this bug. Unfortunately a "proper" fix for this is quite involved. We've put this in our backlog and will start working on this as soon as we have some time.


Thanks, Fabian. I firmly believe that the outstanding JUCE team can solve any problem for all we need sooner or later. Thanks for all your hard work!

By the way:

JUCE-OpenGL module on Android also has few problems. When the app switched to the front, it'd be a black-screen, and if you rotate the device 90°, it'll be very still without any response...

Hi, anything news?

Hi loopfine, we are working on better Android support at the moment. Currently OpenGL issues are taking priority over the international input bug. But it will be fixed sooner or later.


Hi, anything news?

Hello, anybody here?

Sorry this is not easy to do as it will require native GUI elements which JUCE currently does not support. Adding native GUI elements is quite a big change. We do plan to do this at some point but are currently focusing on stabilising JUCE.

I see. Thanks fabian.

May I ask, does this plan have a specific schedule?

Sorry! Really can’t give an estimate right now.