TextEditor only accepts the first character when input

For Chinese and Japanese, they usually make use of word-group when typing (input two or more characters by press space-key once after type many letters). With JUCE TextEditor, it's normal on Windows, OSX and iOS, but it only accepts the first character on Android however you type how many letters. (TextEditor still doesn't accept any non-English character on Linux and I haven't found a easy way to figure out this knot.)

I did some search, see:


Seems exactly the same problem. This time, eventually, it's Android's turn :)

Hi loopfine, we are aware of this bug and unfortunately there is no instant easy fix. We have added it to our backlog and when we get a bit of time we will look into it. Thanks for reporting!

Thanks for the reply fabian.

May I ask will this be fixed in JUCE V4?