Max/Gen and JUCE plugin export

Have you guys seen this? Apparently Cycling 74 is now letting you export Max/Gen patches to JUCE plugins.  I'd love to hear about anyone's experience with this.  I think it's very cool. I unfortunately don't have Max 7, so I can't try that out.

Very cool, thanks for sharing.

I got them working on Linux already. :D

Wow, I'd seriously hear people's experience on this in Windows, as it seems a very powerful combination.


Woooow. Looks amazing. I've pretty only used Reaktor in the past for prototyping but it's quite limited. I'll definitely have to give max/gen a go!

Anybody use any other platforms for prototyping?

I'd like to see what the generated c++ code is like. fallTx, do you have some examples posted somewhere? Also does this work for all Max/MSP objects or just a select few? Either way, I'm glad they have started giving users the option of using Max in DAWs other than Live. This could be a wonderful teaching tool. Oh yeah, is Gen included with Max/MSP or is it an add-on?

You can only export the Gen objects, not the full Max patch.
I don't really know how Max works though, I still have to install it..

If you want to see an example of generated c++ code follow this link: (freeverb)


But as I understand, isn't Gen a compiled Max patch?

I have not tried the JUCE-export but I've been playing around with Gen the last few weeks,  generated a small FM-synth for an iOS-app. 

A few days ago I also started trying to use Paintcode ( to create the user interface.  Same principle.

I'll have to write som glue-code but working with Max/Gen and Paintcode has been fun experience so far.




Shouldn't one try to avoid assignments in the main processing routine? Its looks a little odd to me I'm no expert.