Max OSX build/run problem

I had my application building/running on both Mac and Windows (with a few problems on each that I was trying to work through).

At some point (I have no idea what I did) the application started showing a problem when I build it on Mac wherein it builds OK, but when I try to run it, I just get the Icon continuously bouncing in the dock. I never see the initial/main window. (NOTE: No similar problem occurs on Windows.)

I set a break point in the source code within the Main class for the application, where the MainWindow gets created. It never reaches that break point. I am guessing it is a problem with how the compile/link is being done on the Mac (perhaps a problem in the “.jucer” file), but I can’t find the issue.

Any suggestions?

I’d start with a breakpoint at app entry point… if it’s a standard app that would be JUCEApplication

As I mentioned… I did that already, and it never hit that break point.

Just pause your app in the debugger when it is in this locked up state and see in which functions all the threads are working. You’ll likely see the message thread waiting on some kind of lock, which should give you a rough idea of where to search for the problem. Furthermore, the callstacks you see in the debugger will give you hints where to put your breakpoint(s)

My mistake, I misinterpreted what you meant by Main class