Missing Marketing Icon with XCode 9

Hi, Looks like there’s a new requirement for iOS uploads. I guess a new Projucer options needs to be added?



Actually, I guess this might not need to by a Projucer option - I’ll just try adding a 1024x1024 image to the resources.

Don’t you just need to upload it to iTunesConnect? Does it really need to be part of the app bundle?

I’ll check but it appears as though it needs to be part of the bundle in Xcode 9 as it’s the uploader that is chucking out this error. I’ll investigate more today though and post back

I use the Contents.json provided by MakeAppIcon, and it lacks this particular size. However, it’s easy enough to drop in the iTunesArtwork@2x.png provided one level up in the MakeAppIcon folder tree. Just throw that in there and drag it in the doodad, and Bob’s your uncle.

But yes, both Xcode 9 and Application Uploader will fail if this icon is missing now. AFAICT it doesn’t fail from Xcode 8, but I’m already using 9 for deployment because AUv3.

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Cheers - will be doing an upload in an hour or so

Xcode 8 is still fine - I was quite happy running Xcode 8 and Xcode 9 beta sidebyside until the XCode 9 beta decided to update itself and remove 8. I still had an outstanding beta bug with Apple aswell so was a bit miffed, but luckily it had been fixed in the final release

I have one waiting on TestFlight approval right now that was built against 5.1.2 and Xcode 9. We shall see what we see, but I don’t anticipate any troubles. It’s something I’ve done a lot in the last few months. (8 apps since the end of May, woof.) Other than that missing icon, everything else seems fine.

Anything already in progress is fine - even though I got the warning, it still allowed me to send out a new beta update without the extra resource - it’s only when starting a new beta (i.e. new version number) or submitting to store that it’s enforced, so you should be fine…

just reread and seems like you are starting a new beta - good luck!
don’t know how your reviews have been recently, but the last 2 beta reviews I submitted took 2 and 3 days respectively to get picked up - 5 mins once picked up, typically

hey Chris, where did you drag the new icon to?

If you highlight this:


And scroll down, you see this:

Just drop it in the spot, and you’re disco.

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Hi, this is what I see. I guess I’m looking in a different location to you…?

Hi Fabian - any word on whether this can be automated into Projucer?

This is on develop now - 38a4baa.

Great. Will give it a go tomorrow

looks good, thanks

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