Mojave compatibility

just to make a dedicated thread listing potential mojave compatibility issues.

From what I saw in other threads, there are potential issues with :

Anything else?

They’re both fixed on the develop branch.

There’s another nasty Image issue, addressed as part of this commit:

Can you provide a little information about that issue?
It seems my software is compatible but i would like to know if there are (possible) problems with already build software (at costumers side), if there is a need to provide updates for Mojave.

When you build using the 10.14 SDK the CoreGraphics internals will occasionally read past the end of the space we’ve allocated for image data. I can’t think why this would be necessary…

Thanks for clarification!

I think a lot of people would benefit from knowing how you figured this out when you came up with your bug fix in the develop branch (thank you, by the way). If you had some time, I’m sure a lot of us would love to know how you diagnosed a flaw in Apple’s CoreGraphics internals!

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There was nothing too clever about it. I just took JohnParbo’s test case, tweaked it until I got a very reproductible issue in the Address Sanitizer, then looked at the info provided by that.

Another Mojave issue to be aware of: the (perfectly valid!) icns icons file generated by the Projucer when using source images that are smaller than 256 x 256 px will not render correctly.

The fix is here:

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