More suggestions for WebBrowserComponent: print, zoom and

Hi Jules,

I saw you just extending the webbrowser component (javascript).

I think the webbrowser could be seriously helpful if more capabilities would be accessible. Today a lot of software comes partially with browser rendered UI, think e.g. of some "Start Page" (recent projects, announcement, advertising).

I would like to see 

  1. Printing
  2. Zooming
  3. Access to contents
  4. Removal of browser context menu


This would give JUCE the ability to print self created or all other browser viewable stuff (e.g. PDF). Optionally with or without user interaction (i.e. print dialog).


At least because JUCE has this great scaling feature... :-)

Access to document contents

One usage szenario, at least for me, would be the possibility to let the user select or enter ComplexText and grab it then (via script -> dom -> contents). But this is just one of many useful use cases. JUCE has all XML support build in to parse. (Currently the webbrowser is my way to display ComplexText RTL forms and get the input via a small build in webserver...)

Removal of browser context menu

Optionally, to disable the user of doing unwanted things.


I hope there is enough interest out there so at least some of the points make it in the web browser component.

Longer ago I did 1., 3. and 4. on windows for Internet Explorer (no JUCE). I could search for some of the old code and post it on request, but I think I got the snippets also quite ready from the internet. My schedules would allow me to get hands on this in JUCE in January for the win32 part, if wanted.

By the way (JFYI): to render recent html/css in the embedded win32 web browser control correctly, you need to declare your application to IE accordingly in the registry. As a starting point see or . Sorry for this not beeing in the preferred programming language :-)


Best regards