MotionVisualizer C++ Juce Problem

Hi all,

As you may know the LeapMotion SDK comes with some examples. I run the Motion Visualizer solution on VS 2012 and runs perfectly.

Now I am trying to build it again but by creating a juce project and starting from scratch. The problem I have is in the following line (around 300):

Graphics g(glRenderer);

The error is the following:

c:\users\myuser\documents\juce\first\source\main.cpp(301): error C2664: 'juce::Graphics::Graphics(const juce::Image &)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'juce::ScopedPointer<ObjectType>' to 'const juce::Image &' 

1> with

1> [

1> ObjectType=juce::LowLevelGraphicsContext

1> ]

1> Reason: cannot convert from 'juce::ScopedPointer<ObjectType>' to 'const juce::Image' 

1> with 

1> [

1> ObjectType=juce::LowLevelGraphicsContext

1> ]

1> No user-defined-conversion operator available that can perform this conversion, or the operator cannot be called


I checked the:

ScopedPointerglRenderer (createOpenGLGraphicsContext (m_openGLContext, getWidth(), getHeight()));

line and I cannot find any mistakes.

I would like to mention that you can create Juce projects on VS2010, obviously VS2012 asks you to update the solution. I dont know if this is the problem or what. Could anyone please guide me or give me some insight?

Thank you

You didn't say what glRenderer actually is, but the error message seems to say it's a scoped pointer, so you may need to dereference it, e.g. Graphics g (*glRenderer). If you look at the Graphics constructor, you'll see that it takes a reference, not a pointer.

As I said, this is an example that runs perfectly with the solution that comes with the LeapMotion SDK. The only thing I did is create a Juce project and edit the main file and copy the same code. I find it weird that it runs from the sdk and not from my juceproject.

I am trying to render an openGL window where I can control the movement with the leapmotion. 

I am attaching the code. Thank you

Well, presumably something was changed since they wrote that. I already told you how to fix it in my previous post, I don't have time to look at your code, I'm afraid.