Mouse pointer for StretchableLayoutResizerBar

Hi Jules,

I see an issue with the mouse pointer shown when mouse overing a StretchableLayoutResizerBar, i.e. when showing either a MouseCursor::LeftRightResizeCursor or MouseCursor::UpDownResizeCursor.

On Mac OS X it shows in non-retina mode. It also looks like it is using the Windows style instead of the Mac style.

This is visible in the JuceDemo app in the Graphics: Fonts demo. Just mouse over the separation between the font list and the example text.

Tested on 10.8.5, Juce v3.0.6


Well, it deliberately uses that image (which comes from Webkit) to match the images on other platforms, because the OSX version has a bar in the middle that isn't there on other OSes. I'd need to add a new enum to represent the OSX version if I was to add it.

On one hand I understand that you want to keep the same visual across OSes (without the vertical bar).

On the over hand I must say that most other pointers are different across OSes: standard mouse pointer, text insertion point, resize pointer... In addition Webkit does not provide a retina version of this image (at least not on 10.8), so I don't feel this Webkit image improves the consistency of the app.

One more interesting effect: in the JuceDemo app, demo "Components: MDI" the pointer is different if you try to resize the "Notes Demo" window vertically or horizontally.

Yeah, I think the ideal way to do this would be to add some extra cursor types to differentiate these things, e.g. "left-right resizer" vs "left-right splitter" or something.