mp3 to WAVE conversion // readFromAudioReader replacement?


I need to use JUCE in an Android application in order to convert a mp3 file to the WAVE format.
I read in a previous thread that the way to do so was :

But I cannot find these methods in the current project. Maybe they have been replaced…?
I know very little about C++, so maybe I have not looked at the right place.
My purpose is to fetch that/these function(s), and use it in Java.

Could you lead me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance.

Well, you want to look at WavAudioFormat, MP3AudioFormat, AudioFormatManager, etc.

Shouldn’t require more than a moderate grasp of C++ to work out how to use them, they’re really very straightforward.

Thank you for your answer.

Could you tell me whether the conversion is fast or not? (faster than LAME?)
This is actually the reason I looked into another library to convert mp3 to wave.

And is it possible to use only audio-linked files in my Android project? Because it seems a bit heavy to “import” the whole project in order to use only this audio conversion.
I actually cannot find my way in all those files.
Do I need to combine the AudioFormatReader and the AudioFormatWriter in order to actually make the conversion?
I think I got that I should register both formats with the AudioFormatManager before.

Or maybe I should use the constructor MP3Reader on my input file, then pass it to a WavAudioFormatWriter?
As you can see, I am lost.
Could you help me, please? Thanks again.