Multi Screen GUI in Juce


I need to create multi-screen gui (just like android home screen) in Juce is it Possible? In Android we use touch to move between different screens and pages, what are possible ways in Juce to achieve this? I mean can i use button to move between different screen in Juce, and while screen / page transition from let say page-one to page-two, is it possible to apply some effect like scale down or scale up like effect.

Thanks in advance for help!

Best Regards,
Saqlain Abbas.

Well, anything’s possible! I can certainly imagine writing something like that, it’s not particularly hard.

FYI one of the things I need/want to look at shortly is a layer to detect touch gestures like swiping, so that should be coming in the near future.

Can you please share some multi-screen gui example or demo, so i can see how i can do it for me? Instead of swipe if it currently possible to navigate between screen with buttons that would also be enough…