Multichannel Audio Playback

Hi – looking for some general advice on playing back an audio sample on any arbitrary audio channel (assume up to 128 of them), based on an incoming MIDI event. For this project, the vision is that a single MIDI note (and associated sample) is mapped to a particular audio channel.

Started by loading up samples using the JUCE Synthesizer class, but a little stuck on how to proceed. Seems like the Synthesizer/Sampler/SamplerVoice classes aren’t particularly amenable to be subclassed for this kind of task, but maybe I’m taking the wrong approach?


I guess you’d need to create your own custom voice class, and just make it choose which of the available output channels it plays through, based on the note it’s being asked to play. It’s not rocket science, but you would need to roll your own voice class to do something like that.

Hi dorkbot107, I started a sample reader project recently and I am facing similar issues regarding routing to different audio channel, I was wondering if you were able to solute your problem in the end?

I am in the early stages of the project and beginner with Juce and only have been able to read samples using SamplerVoice until now.


Thanks for your help =)