MultiDocumentPanel suggestions

I’ve a couple of suggestions for MultiDocumentPanel. At the moment i’m making my own container to achieve some of these things, but that involves wrapping around the class with another one (i don’t like to edit juce code, it’s so well done!) which is tedious and could be avoided.

Firstly, it’d be good if you could set a ‘maximumOpenDocuments’ setting, so you could limit how many files can be in use.

Secondly, it’d be nice to be able to get rid of the tabs if there’s only one document open. If the program is designed to only use one, but CAN be switched to using more, then it’d be nicer to just forget about the tabs til they’re needed. At the moment that means wrapping it to show a MultiDocumentPanel or a straight Component depending on the mode, which means wrapping all the document functions so they can apply to the single version too.

that’s all really :slight_smile:

Hmm - good suggestions. I’m just working on this area at the moment so will chuck this stuff in there.

splendid :slight_smile: i’ll abort this silly wrapping mission then and make do with tabs for the time being :slight_smile:

one more…

can we have a virtual ‘activeDocumentChanged’ function?

ah - yes, that’s another good idea! Ta.