Multiple AudioDeviceManagers / input devices?

I’m working on something that needs more than one audio input device opened at the same time. I’m aware that the audiodevicemanager only supports one input and output devie at a time, so I thought it would be a good idea to try two audiodevicemanagers. This app is on Mac & PC so I’ll need to get it working for dSound and CoreAudio (I know that ASIO only supports one device opened at a time at the interface level).


Well I’ve never tried it, but theoretically it should be ok. (Except for some ASIO devices, which will probably complain heavily)

Wow, cool… I’ll try and see what happens! Yeah ASIO is just like a whiny old lady, but I know just how to shut her up :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

this topic is really interesting !!

Do you think it’d be possible to have this “multi-AudioDeviceManager system” work as the MacOSX aggregated device ? I mean, having the devices synced so that they can be used as one only device (for both ins & outs).