Multiple Audio Devices?

I’m having a heck of a time configuring the OS (right now, ALSA or jack) to combine multiple devices. I rather hoped that one callback would ask me for, say, 8 channels, and I could put stereo into the first pair and surround into the next 6.

That seems to be a losing battle, especially across multiple machines/OS’es.

What about doing it with Juce? Maybe multiple audio device managers, or multiple devices in one manager? What’s going to let me cope best with clock discrepancies between the cards?

And then, how would the I know which device is calling back - won’t they even overlap sometimes?


i’m sure you can open multiple devices with multiple audio managers, but i’m also sure you won’t be able to sync them unless you can sync them in a hardware fasion. For sync you need something like World Clock that i have in my Echo AudioFire, it’s used to sync multiple units into one chain, i don’t thnik you can do that using software callbacks. On windows there is a program that joins multiple firewire devices in one ASIO driver, and giving one audio device with multiple inputs and outputs, but that’s windows.

Hmm. I’m not sure I need sync’ed, just apparently simultaneous. But I will need to slip each one to compensate for minor clock differences.

Has anyone done this though?


I’ve also been wondering whether it’s possible to open multiple audio devices simultaneously. Would this work? Has anyone tried it?

I’m part way through. I’ll report back.

It is possible to open all devices and play a test tone :smiley:


That’s cool. Specifically what I’d like to do is record from multiple devices simultaneously. I don’t need any kind of synchronization, just the basic ability to do it without problems would be great.