My plugin project has broken again

This is the second time this has happened to me over the past week. I made some changes in the Projucer, and then saved the project. During the saving process it shows a message saying that some changes have occurred and whether I want to keep the project or reload from disk. I honestly don’t understand why it would ask this at that point, so I don’t even know which of these I clicked. My best guess is that Visual Studio was trying to access the project at the same time as the Projucer.
That is something that occurs quite frequently, and usually has no bad side effects. But this time round, the Projucer crashed while saving, and now my project is broken. I’m getting errors that I don’t know how to fix. See the attached image. This is on a PC running Windows 10.

Never mind. I managed to fix it

I can confirm I am also getting the same message from Projucer when saving a project, that the project has changed and do I want to reload it. I usually ignore the message.

Yes I can confirm that I get this as well. It seems to happen more often on network drives or VM shared folders. So it seems to be some kind of timing issue. I’ll investigate on Monday…

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Hmmm ok i’ve added a workaround for this to make sure that the file is at least a second newer than the last save time. Not sure if this fixed it as it occurs quite randomly for me.