Native FileChooser not used on Linux + XFCE

Some users of my application have reported a problem: the native FileChooser on Linux, using XFCE desktop, never shows. Instead, the JUCE one shows.
I of course make sure that I set the “useOSNativeDialogBox” to true when instantiating the FileChooser.

On any other system I tested (Windows, Mac, Linux (Ubuntu/Mint), this works fine though, so the problem seems to be linked with XFCE.

Is it a bug?
One user said : “I’ve been fiddling with the themes in my XFCE, both with GTK2 and GTK3, with no change”.


Check out the constructor for FileChooser(). if you follow the code, you’ll arrive at this native command for Linux:

bool FileChooser::isPlatformDialogAvailable()
    return false;
    static bool canUseNativeBox = exeIsAvailable ("zenity") || exeIsAvailable ("kdialog");
    return canUseNativeBox;

Yes, your users need to either have zenity or kdialog installed. Simply add those as a dependency to your app.