Native video playback, and Chromecast support?

Hey Roli folks,

I was wondering if there was anything video-related on the roadmap, particularly getting video playback across all platforms, along with Chromecast support?

If you’re not aware, iOS handles video playback via the AVPlayer, and Android with a VideoView.

As for Chromecast, it’s a bit tricky since it doesn’t support casting from desktops out of the box, but it is supported on iOS and Android.

The MovieComponent already uses AVPlayer. It is not included in the docs though, maybe it’s considered work in progress?

But it would be awesome, if it would be finally possible to interact with the audio stream, or maybe even with the video data.

Maybe you finish that before my ffmpeg approach is finished…?

Oh sweet, I didn’t realise that it did already!

Could be just me, but I personally wouldn’t use FFmpeg as its LGPL license is a nuisance for commercial products…

Did a bit more research and found this possibility for Android: ExoPlayer. It supports DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playbacks, which the other doesn’t… Meaning it’s also a streamer (not just a simple video view). Supported formats here.

yes, ffmpeg it is quite restricting.
And needs to be linked dynamically (by license, not technically) wich also makes deployment unnecessary tedious.

But it gives the most complete format compliance.

True, but FFmpeg is also not a streamer.

The fact that you have to linked dynamically is actually a huge downside for forward-thinking, like UWP support (which I’d like to port JUCE to so I can get apps on WinRT/XboxOne already ffs). This platform does not allow DLLs as they’re a security hole. (Tried that with the Adobe players at my previous employment - couldn’t make Shomi hit the store that way).

Oh, so we have different requirements. I don’t need a streamer, I need to play back video while altering the audio by juces AudioProcessors. And ideally writing the whole thing back to a video (file).
Sorry that I mixed that.
Interesting insights about app stores though, thanks.

(I am stuck in the 90es, never got into mobile devices. If I go out I enjoy nature instead my phone :wink: )

My mistake actually, I didn’t specify requiring a streamer at first! Though writing video files is also needed for us in the long term… Hm…

Don’t forget, you can bring your phone into nature!

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Not so much an intentional bump - just gathering information, existing examples, and so on: