Ndk-build not found but ndk-build.cmd is there


Just to say i downloaded the latest NDK and am using the latest tip of JUCE, in build.xml there is ndk-build on my Win7 it won’t execute saying it’s not a valid win32 app, but i changed it manualy to ndk-build.cmd and it seems to work.


Yeah, my disclaimer is that I’m not guaranteeing that any of the android stuff will work on Windows. It’s bad enough getting it to work on proper unix OSes, and I just don’t have the time or energy to also deal with the life-sapping awfulness of cygwin.


Well it’s not cygwin it’s the normal commands on windows, but i understand, i’ll try to fix stuff myself along the way. I got the JuceDemo to work in the emulator on Win7 x64, apart from that one thing everything seems to work fine, very slow, but it’s working.