Need help for beginner!

Hello everyone. I am a student and trying to learn juce. I have this final project which I need to make a traditional instrument vst plugin. I kinda confused here. Does the concepts is the same like synth plugin but the sound output is not the sinewave but my instrument sample? Or is it just simpler? What is the concept I need to learn to make a plugin which will output my instrument sample?

I went to another forum and I read about a plugin that fill buffers from a sample. Is it one of the concept?

yes, simplest thing you can do is reading a wav file, filling a juce::AudioBuffer with its samples and then writing the code that plays back the buffer every time a noteOn message appears in the midi buffer of processBlock. the next easiest thing would be resampling and interpolating that sample to play on different pitches and depending on how fancy your university wants the project you can also try to make it polyphonic

Does it have to be made with JUCE? Because if you are not familiar with c++ and audio programming building even the simplest VST is no easy task at all (In my opinion).

Another approach would be to use something like MaxMSP, which is much simpler to understand and use. You could then use their latest feature “rainbow”, which allows you to export your Maxpatch as a VST without too much hustle!