Need help getting xcode to open juce build project

If any mac experts can help me out here, please.

I’m trying to evaluate JUCE, as I may be able to persuade my boss to stump up for a license for internal work, but one of the main selling points is being able to run Linux/Windows/Mac code. Linux and Windows are fine, but I’m just trying to get things installed and working on his new powerbook, and getting nowhere.

The Mac is running OSX 10.4, with XCode 2.0. In the build/macosx folder I have a juce.xcodeproj folder, which contains a project.pbxproj file. I open this in xcode, which seems to work - IE no errors reported. However, pretty much all xcode options are greyed out, including the entire build menu.


You want to open the JUCE.xcodeproj project, not the project.pbxproj file within it.

You should also upgrade to XCode 2.1.

I tried that too. It didn’t seem to make any difference. :?

You should also upgrade to XCode 2.1.[/quote]

Getting this particular mac networked is not easy, so I was hoping to just get a proof of concept going to start with.

Is the folder read-only or something??

The JUCE.xcodeproj file is an XCode 2.1 file; it won’t work with earlier versions of XCode.

If you have to use XCode 2.0 then you’ll need to download JUCE 1.11, which was the last version to use the old file format. You should be able to get some proof of concept app done with this, but if you really want to impress, consider using the latest tools.

You could always just rename the JUCE.xcodeproj folder to JUCE.xcode. I’m still using XCode v1.5, and that’s what I did for JUCE v1.16. It’ll pop up some errors about how the file was created with a newer version of XCode, but you can click them away and the project will load. Of course, you probably shouldn’t do this, but I’m stuck with v1.5 for the time being (still with 10.3 - I object to being forced to (pay to) upgrade my OS, especially so soon after I got my mac :? - I’ll probably wait till 10.5 before I actually shell out for an update), and it works for me with no problems.

  • Niall.

That’s good to know. Thank Niall.

It’ll be a few weeks for I have access to that mac long enough to install 2.1 so, I’ll try and bully it into running on 2.0 first.

Cheers all!