Need Help: Running into to undeclared Identifier errors before I even begin coding

Hi Forum!

I’m a Sound Designer that is new to coding. I’ve learned the very basics to c++ code and videos on creating audio plugins through xcode seem to be self explanatory. The only thing is, I keep running into the error problems before I even add code. I attached a screenshot.

Is this because of something that I may have done wrong?

I am also struggling with the global path. No matter what Path I create it’s always invalid.Could this be the cause?

Your reply would be much appreciated!

Thank you for your time,


Hi there, could you please post how you’re setting up your project? Projucer/cmake settings, global path settings, etc.

If xcode doesn’t know where your JUCE modules are, you may well see the errors you posted.

You can also set up JUCE as a submodule/subfolder in your project folder and set your project to not use the global path setting.

Thanks for the help. It worked!

I’m new to JUCE so I had no idea there was a way to work around the global pathways.