Need help with registry using PlatformUtilities

I’m trying to use the registry to store a few simple bool values. I’m trying to use PlatformUtilities::setRegistryValue and getRegistryValue with not much success. I’ve passed in the Key path and a value but i’m not seeing any changes in the registry. so i need to have a string value created in the registry before i can change it with setRegistryValue() ?

really? I just tried it myself and it worked fine, creating all the subkeys it needs…

this is what I did:

[code] PlatformUtilities::setRegistryValue (T(“HKEY_CURRENT_USER\blah\blah\blah2”),

    DBG (PlatformUtilities::getRegistryValue (T("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\blah\\blah\\blah2")));


are you trying to write to a bit of the registry that where you don’t have permission?

Well i notices that all my \ where getting parsed out so i tried the double backslash \ watched the correct string get passed in to your setResgistry Method but i can’t confirm that anything has been added or changed.

I believe i have full access to the folder I’m trying to create a key in
is there something else i need to do to gain permission to the registry?

don’t know much about registry permissions, but these methods definitely work, I’ve used them many times before. You can always step into the setRegistryValue method and see where it fails.