***NEW*** Custom GUI Question

Hello everyone,

I am very new to JUCE and the world of audio programming and I’m trying to create my first audio plugin. I have been reading up on Sean Costello’s suggestions on how to add custom images to your GUI using “imageslider” and “filmstrip”, but I’m not understanding how one could add a custom bitmap image or vector image (i.e. .PNG, .SVG) and reference it within the code.

Which file directory do these images need to be imported into?

And when creating an object, how do these objects reference the file directory the images are located in?

If someone could explain it step by step briefly that would greatly help me understand.
Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I am very new to C++ and JUCE in general and don’t see any discussions that break it down to the elementary level that I need.

Greatly appreciate all your support on this topic!

What you can do is drag and drop your image files (i.e. SVG) into the Projucer’s File Explorer section. Then your images will be added to the BinaryData namespace: e.g. BinaryData::filename_svg and BinaryData::filename_svgSize. With both of them you can use Drawable::createFromImageData https://docs.juce.com/master/classDrawable.html#a490039369111891979147bdfecf8d389.
Make sure you use a std::unique_ptr<Drawable> for the returned raw-pointer, so it get’s deleteted autmatically when it’s no longer needed.