New Drum Grid Mode

I’m enjoying the new Drum Grid Mode. Is there going to be an update to allow us to create Drum Maps in the Drum Grid Mode? For instance I’m also using Cubase Pro 12 and it has an option to open a drum map setup and add names to each note (for example C1 – Kick, D1 – Snare etc). That would be great for those of us who use different drum plugins like Superior Drummer, Getgood Drums and MixWave drums.

Thank you,

Waveform Pro 12
Windows 11

I think you are in the wrong forum. The JUCE forum is about the JUCE framework, an application programing framework that is used to build audio applications and plugins and about Tracktion Engine which is the JUCE-based audio engine used by tracktion but also by other DAWs. Initially, it has been developed by the same person that started tracktion and it’s still the technical base of Waveform today, but this forum is meant for software developers building their own applications or plugins based on JUCE and tracktion engine.

Thank you for that info, please delete post (for some reason I don’t have that option). I have found the correct route for feature requests for Tracktion. :slight_smile: