New Install on Mint Cinnamon: OS doesn't recognize Projucer

New user here. I may be too new but here is the deal.

How do you install JUCE on Linux?

I’m on Linux Mint Cinnamon and I downloaded the Linux JUCE and extracted it…now what?

Projucer runs just fine, but it isn’t recognized by the OS because I can’t pin it to the panel and the search doesn’t find JUCE.

Thanks for any help

This question is really about Cinnamon, not JUCE. That said, you need to figure out how to tell Cinnamon that the Projucer application exists, and where to find it. It may be as simple as creating a .desktop file somewhere, but I have never used Cinnamon so can’t speak to the specific steps.

Isn’t it the job of the program to install itself to “linux” in general? So shouldn’t there be a described method for doing so in general, such that it will be installed for “Linux: A” and “Linux: B” up to how much you have given support for linux itself?

What are the installation instructions for linux? The download just looks like a working source program without any “configure” file or anything…

If you can define a single, catch-all process for “installing a program to linux” then I’m sure the JUCE devs would be happy to provide a mechanism for that. Unfortunately, you’ll find that such a thing does not exist and different distros and desktop environments have their own idiosyncracies.

If you search this forum you will find a few very helpful threads for getting everything set up on Linux (like this one). Same thing regarding your other post about the Code::Blocks exporter (short answer: ‘Open in IDE’ doesn’t work for Code::Blocks, you just open the project manually from your Builds folder).

Adding ‘’ to your search engine queries will go a long way towards solving any setup issues you may experience.

Thank you for the resources. But I thought that ./configure and make and all that was all about having a “linux” way of doing things…so…isn’t that standard? How come this application which is all about boiler plate code for portability to all platforms, is not porting to linux with the standard build from source protocol?