New JUCEr: Building the OB-Xd project building VST3 fails

Hello I want to try out JUCE for an idea I have + contribute to a github project.
I am totally new to VST development and JUCE.

What I have done:
Downloaded and installed VS2019 and selected desktop development
Downloaded Juce 5.47 (from link),VST SDK 3 (as specified in the github readme)
Downloaded Juce 6 to be able to open the jucer file from the github source (the 5.47 did not contain Projucer)
Open Projucer and set the Juce path to the 5.47 extracted download
Open the jucer file and the open the generated wrapper file in VS2019

Building Ob-Xd shared code OK
Building Ob-Xd stand-alone OK
Building Ob-Xd VST3 FAILS

From what I can see is some dependencies to VST2 stuff.

namespace Vst2
#include “pluginterfaces/vst2.x/vstfxstore.h”

Then 20+ errors related to bank that seems to have dependancies to Vst2 and fx storage?

bool loadVST2CcnKBlock (const char* data, int size)
    auto bank = (const Vst2::fxBank*) data;

Maybe this project isn’t a pure VST3 project?

What would be the next step to come anywhere further?

I am thinking about finding and adding this missing header file myself.

But have something gone terribly wrong in Projucer when generating the wrapper file?