New Jucer on Linux

All file paths are saved with “” in them (when creating a project on windows), so all paths are invalid later on Linux.

Really? I thought I’d made all the paths platform-neutral. Which paths exactly are you talking about?

my bad i think i was using the wrong code i had a built Release build of “Jucer (experimental)” and the new code is Introjucer, am i right ?

well i re-checked with the latest source of the Introjucer

i re-added all my source files (.cpp .h) to the project on windows and re-opened on OSX/Linux and all paths are broken ("" in the path).

it works the other way around, create a project on Linux/OSX and open it in windows, i guess this is because Windows handles “/” based paths nowadays no need for “” anymore.

Ok, thanks, I’ll check this out…