New modules interface

Hi Jules,

I like the new modules system, it looks a bit better than the old one.

But, is it possible to set the copying mode for all modules at once?

And there is a reproducible bug: If you select a module in the treeview and then do right-click » Remove this module, then the module path of the next module gets cleared. I just updated to the latest master with Git.

Edit: I just removed the Visual Studio 2010 target from the project and added a Visual Studio 2012 target, and now all the module paths are cleared.


Thanks for the heads-up! Both of those things should be sorted out now.

No problem Jules. And, the fixes work.

But if all exporters are deleted the paths to the modules are still lost, and there is no easy way to set a path for more than one module at a time.

You have to remember to first add the new exporter, then remove the old one. Then the paths are all copied.