Projucer can't handle modules moving

Today I’m reorganizing my repo. I’ve moved all my submodules around. But the Projucer doesn’t seem to be able to handle this. I’ve built the latest from develop.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Move submodule to new folder
  • Start Projucer
  • Enter new path for submodule [error: it’s doesn’t find new module]
  • Save [error: I can’t save, my only option is exit an lose all my changes]

Video of my issue:

If I edit the XML manually it works

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I have seen this behaviour too, I don’t remember exactly how (probably because I was just clicking buttons randomly like a monkey) but it was possible to get out of the situation without resorting to editing XML (possibly by removing the module and then re-adding). Definitely a bug though.

This should fix it, thanks for reporting!

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